Your Holiday Gift Guide

Below, the five gifts that’ll light up their eyes (but not your wallet) this season. For more gifts, check out our full 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Happy clicking holidays.

World in the CurlWorld in the Curl
A maverick-sized history of surfing penned by two UC professors, World in the Curl details the billion-buck industry from its colonial Hawaiian roots to its glamorous silver-screen present. Dense at times, but makes a perfect beach read. Buy here.

ShinoLA Runwell ChronoShinola Runwell Chrono
It’s rude to check your phone during a meeting. But you can check your watch. Especially the handsome Shinola Runwell Chrono. The chronograph ticks with Swiss parts and features a sharp royal blue face encased in stainless steel. Buy here.

Loyal DeanLoyal Dean
Loyal Dean’s craftsmen hand-shape longboards with 40% reclaimed hardwoods and woven, aeronautic-grade carbon fiber, making for a smoother, more flexible ride and stunning looks. The Bottlenose is shaped for quick turns. Buy here.

Tara HirshbergTara Hirshberg
Because feathers are symbols of grace, you should give her this delicate 18k necklace from local designer Tara Hirshberg. Its 16-inch gold chain rests just below the neck, which is right where you should tell her you’re staring. Buy here.

Painted Bowling SetPainted Bowling Set
Gifting a game that you can play with your kid is prime fodder for the old memory bank. This painted bowling set from Landscape Products features elm pins daubed like icing on a cupcake and a rattan ball that jingles. All the way. Buy here.

For more gifts, check out our full 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.