What SUP
By The Editors / January 7, 2014 9:00 am

Stand up paddleboards are not attractive things.

Generally speaking, they resemble ugly, Fraggle-colored seaplane pontoons. They have all the grace of a buoyant coffee table.

Unless you’re talking about Burbank’s own Bosco Boards, the sexiest SUP boards we’ve ever laid covetous eyes on.

These beauts measure six-to-twelve feet in length and up to 37 inches wide, and can withstand 300 pounds of cargo. So they’ll accommodate you and your lady — or just you, if you’re plus-size.

To keep the board light and strong, Bosco uses balsa and redwood for the nose, tail-block and spine. The base of the board is carbon-fiber.

Each board’s customizable, and you pick the wood for the top: Italian olive, African mahogany or California redwood.

Orders take six weeks.

And starting this year, Bosco’s offering classes on how to make the boards.

How attractive.