Culture | October 17, 2014 9:00 am

This Snowboard. Those Mountains. Go.

Arbor Collective has some goodies for you

By The Editors

You’d never think that a little store down in Venice Beach would sell some of the best snowboards in the country.

But then you run across Arbor Collective.

They’re pretty woodsy guys. Guys who fashion skate and snowboards out of palisander and burled eucalyptus.

Those are the same materials used for Porsche inlays and luxury boat paneling.

And we heartily recommend seeing Arbor Collective’s boards in action. Even if you’re not a powder man, you’ll enjoy this video, released today:

Doesn’t it make you amped for ski season?

If the weather reports are right, we’re due for some big snow this year.

Arbor Collective’s boards run the gamut from simple and smooth-lined to futuristic and angular.

Our favorite:

The Whiskey, featuring a “System Rocker” that makes it ideal for the all-mountain experience: park, trees, speed, steeps, powder and more. 

Three more boards await on their site. Check ’em out.

Then book your winter travel.