Arts & Entertainment | December 2, 2016 9:00 am

Teenager Tries to Prank Dad for Internet Points, Gets Absolutely Served

You don’t think I watch Internet?'

The Internet is full of bad information and fake news.

It’s also incredibly useful in foiling crappy pranks.

In a recently uploaded clip, Twitter user lamzzz — who appears to be a Canadian high school student — attempted some not-so-sleight of hand with her dad.

Using a quarter, a water bottle, an aluminum tray and a towel … well, things don’t go as planned. This isn’t David Blaine.

We won’t spoil it, but the dad’s last line — “You don’t think I watch Internet?!?” — is our new favorite soon-to-be comeback.

And the reactions from viewers across the Interwebs have actually been better than the video. Latest News posted the clip with this oddball description: “In this video Girl trying to make prank with her dad. But her dad was already seen that video on internet” [sic].

And in that same thread, somebody claiming to be from Pornhub, of all sites, is asking for the original video. Maybe they’re trying to make prank. But ew.