Arts & Entertainment | June 27, 2016 9:00 am

Kid Trolls ESPN Cameras With Some Face-Making for the Ages

Plus: Convincing evidence he was inspired by Tom Brady

Making faces is to childhood what swimming is to fishhood: an integral and near-involuntary aspect of one’s existence.

And unless you’re a fan of the Texas Christian Horned Frogs or Coastal Carolina Chanticleers college baseball teams, you missed one of the great face-making performances of our time this weekend. Although the Chanticleers won — and will play Arizona for the College Word Series title — the biggest winner of the day wasn’t on the field … it was a kid in the stands showing off a facial comedy repertoire that’d make golden-era Jim Carrey proud.

After catching the Worldwide Leader’s attention, the little dude dove headlong into a series of winks, shoulder shuffles and stares that eventually had the announcers guffawing.

Breathtaking stuff.

While his routine was performed during a baseball game, we have a suspicion the kid nicked a few of his tricks off a certain football-playing New Englander.

You be the judge.