Arts & Entertainment | September 21, 2016 9:00 am

Poor Sap on Harley Rear-Ended by Own Mom

"Watch out for idiots," she warned.

Dear moms:

We love you, but damn. 

Sometimes you really embarrass us. Sometimes you make us crazy. Sometimes, you warn us to “drive safe” on our new Harley-Davidson (which, duh) and then a few minutes later, you literally plow into us in your Hyundai and damn near kill us. 

Fortunately, the technology now exists to capture such unforgettable mother-son encounters. Jacob Schoeppach was wearing a GoPro helmet cam a few days ago when he filmed a brief conversation about pink eye with his own mother before hopping on his bike. “Drive safe,” she cautioned. “Watch out for idiots.”

How right she was.

The camera was still recording three minutes later when mom plowed into Jacob from behind. Upon watching his new 2016 Harley (with 2,800 miles on the odometer) skid out from under him, Jake drops to his knees. “Fuck, Mom! Fuck!” he says. “Goddammit, Mom!” 

While we might not phrase it like that, we can certainly sympathize. Have a look. 

Schoeppach later told the story on a local radio station, noting that social media commenters had taken issue the off-color language he employed with the woman who, after all, gave him life. “Have you ever been rear-ended by your mom?” he asked. “How would you react?”

He added: “What you didn’t see was me calming her down and giving her a hug and telling her I love her.” 

h/t Lanesplitter