Arts & Entertainment | December 5, 2016 9:00 am

The Next Best Thing to Owning a Black Italian Sports Car Is This Book

Three-hundred pages of rides in the only color that matters

Does it get any cooler than owning a jet black sports car?

We’ll help you out on this one:

No. No, it does not.

But here’s the next best thing on the list: a tome of of 225 dark steeds curated by some of the top authorities on the manner, all photographed by automotive photog extraordinaire René Staud.

New from art book publisher teNeues, Black Beauties is 300 pages of legendary autos that have one thing in common: the color black.

“In his consistently compelling images, Staud shows us a series of historic cars painted in the ‘color’ of classical elegance and sporty power,” says the publisher. And it’s true. The rides alone are enough to stop any living creature in its tracks. But under the skillful eye of Staud, they’re breathtaking.

The book also includes essays on the color’s historical role in automotive design from the likes of Andrea Zagato, CEO of Zagato; Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes; Konstantin Jacoby, Co-Founder of the Springer & Jacoby Advertising Agency; and more. And arranging the stealthy makes is automotive journalist Jürgen Lewandowski, an auto hound responsible for more than 90 books about cars.

Black Beauties goes for $125 and is available here. A perfect gift and so handsome it’ll make your other coffee table books look like they took a lashing from the ugly stick.

via Maxim