Arts & Entertainment | September 28, 2016 9:00 am

World’s Most Badass Grandpa Confronts Rampaging Bull With Water Bottle

This crazy old dude is spoiling for a fight

When you reach the age of 81, there are certain things (phone conversations, bad food, peeing) you’ll no longer stand for and, apparently, a bull messing with your family’s ute is one of them.

In a video he shot during a visit to a cemetery near a farm with his family, New Zealand man Whetu Konia filmed what happened when his dad took exception to a bull going near their utility vehicle, what the Kiwis call a “ute.”

The clip, which Konia posted on his Facebook page, shows 81-year-old Mac enter the bull’s paddock and fearlessly shoo the bull away from the vehicle using a water bottle and his hat.

As the bull backs off, Rex engages it an epic staredown that’s worthy of a Wild West gunfight.

“The bull followed our ute,” Konia told ONE News Now. “Next minute my old man tried the shoo it away from the ute and it escalated from there.”

See the whole escapade for yourself: