Toys of Summer

14 awe-inspiring gadgets for grown-ass men

By The Editors
July 21, 2016 9:00 am

Summer is a time to play.

A sentiment once drilled into your young and impressionable mind, then cruelly taken away somewhere around 22.

But today, we’re here to reclaim the playful spirit of yesteryear, with The Toys of Summer, our annual compendium of impossibly cool gadgets, Batman-worthy vehicles and the best out-of-doors tech wonders a man can buy.

Inside: amphibious yachts, Tron bikes, golf carts from the future and a litany of drones, 360 cameras and high-speed motorized surfboards.


OPUS Bike | ECCE Cycles

“Artistic and sensual” are the ways this Belgian company describes their Opus bikes, available in either handsome wooden or aerodynamic carbon frames.


Overland Kitchen | Scout Equipment CO.

Now you’re cooking. This custom-built, on-the-go culinary system hooks up to your vehicle’s power source, housing stowaway drawers, cutting boards, a collapsible 2.5-gallon sink, a two-burner stove, a beer fridge and an electric panel with USB charging ports.


SeaLander Mini Yacht

Happy trails — and sails. This waterproof RV trailer converts to an electric-powered mini yacht with a few quick modulations. And the 1,070-pound vehicle has a 5 HP electric motor that doubles as a power source for on-board devices. 


LDN Mutt | Mutt Motorcycles

Accessible meets extraordinary with this 100% custom British motorcycle. Built on a 125cc four-stroke engine, the limited-edition LDN Mutt plays homage to its homeland’s vibrant music and culture scene.



Take high def videos of your adventures with the world’s “first stabilized 4k action camera.” Record for up to 90 minutes at 1080p with the water- and shock-proof camera that mounts to almost any surface.


The Iguana Yacht  

This 31-foot vessel operates like a badass on land or in the water. Outfitted with an outboard “landing gear” apparatus, the carbon-fiber Expedition 31 can scale inclines of up to 30 degrees and reach a top speed of 40 knots. (Don’t worry, it comes with shock-absorbing seats.)


D33 Yacht |  Boutique Boats

With enough room for 10 and a 550-liter gas tank, this 31-foot vessel’s got the space and fuel capacity to be on the water for days. Choose between an open cruiser or carbon-fiber hardtop, and a “hidden” motor with 200, 250, 300 or 350 HP.


The VIDIUS Drone  |  Axis

Film all your radical antics at 420p up to 100 feet away with this 4.3 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm quadcopter. Control the miniature flyer with a smartphone, tablet or the included 2.4 gHz controller.


Cyclotron Bike 

“Literally ‘slice’ through the air” with Cyclotron, an aerodynamic bike sporting spokeless wheels. Other features include sensor-activated Tron-esque LEDs, a red laser that trails behind it at night and 10 onboard sensors that use Bluetooth connectivity to save data that riders can access via the Cyclo-App.


Underwater SeaScooter |  Sea-Doo

Hit the turbo on your next snorkeling trip with an UnderWater SeaScooter that propels you along at depths of up to 130 feet. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Sea Doo is good for 90 minutes of use per charge, and the batteries are easily swappable for consecutive dives.


The GoBoat 

Easy to assemble and store, GoBoat is a personal boat perfect for hours of fishing, exploring or relaxing. It’s the hassle-free way to experience the water.


Octospot Diving Camera 

Press once for a still image or hold to record video with this superior underwater camera. It’ll mount or de-mount from your mask in seconds, and as far as we know, it’s the first camera that can both log a dive and correct your white balance.


Boost Electric Surfboard | Lampuga

Ride the waves at speeds up to 35 mph with Lampuga’s electric surfboard. One hour charging the 15 HP engine gives you 40 minutes of wave time.


Garcia Golf Cart | Mercedes-Benz

We didn’t even realize golf carts were ugly … and then we saw the Benz. Cruise the links in style aboard this range-finding, beer-cooling luxury cart that tops out at 19 mph. The standout feature: a high-res 10.1-inch touch screen that displays course layout, cart position and a digital scorecard.