The Male Friendship Equation: Stories, Interviews and Advice During an “Epidemic of Loneliness”

American men are in the midst of a friendship crisis, so we're turning our attention to these all-important platonic relationships

Male Friendship Equation

Friends are essential to a well-lived life. A recent survey found that Americans value close friends more than having children or even getting married. Yet the U.S. is experiencing an “epidemic of loneliness,” as declared by the surgeon general, with men finding themselves particularly adrift. How did we get here, to a place where 15% of men say they have no close friends? And more importantly, how do we solve it? In our series The Male Friendship Equation, we’re looking at the phenomenon from all angles: friends that defy the odds, advice for those without a group chat to their name, and stories that explore the peculiarities of these all-important platonic relationships.

There’s no simple solution, but we need to start the conversation. Pull up a chair.