$129 Semi-Private Flight From SF to LA? Yep. Here’s How.

We’re still convinced it’s too good to be true

March 27, 2018 9:00 am

Until Elon Musk gets around to finishing that S.F.-to-L.A. Hyperloop, your best options remain an interminable car ride or the drudgery of the actual airport.

But what if you could fly a 30-seat jet from a private terminal in Oakland (aka no wait times) for fares starting at $129?

JetSuiteX might be the ultimate no-brainer.

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(And just for the record: The gas cost of an S.F.-to-L.A. run? More than $50, plus whatever five hours of your life are worth.)

You may have heard of the semi-private airline when it debuted flights out of Concord last year. Concord’s great … if you live north of Berkeley (for example: actually in Concord). But now they’re offering flights from Oakland to Burbank (and Vegas), which has us taking another look at the math.

Here’s the main one — and it’s basic arithmetic:

A one-way flight on JetSuiteX to Burbank will set you back $129.

You can fly for less on, say, Southwest. On a big ’ol plane. Leaving from big ’ol Terminal 2.

The question is, how much would you pay to avoid that mess? And show up at the airport 15 minutes before departure, instead of two hours?

In other words, how much is your well-being worth?

Main image: Jessica Ambats

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