The Pros and Cons of Making Your Couch a Theme Park Ride

In-home 4D technology is here. But do you really want that?

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The Pros and Cons of Turning Your Couch into a Theme Park Ride
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11 February 2016

A team of French designers have created a plug-and-play product that can transform your couch from inanimate object to one of those mechanical bull-esque 4D rides of Universal Studios fame.

Immersit — now on Kickstarter — is built on four pads that provide your sofa with “a combination of over 1,000 movements and vibrations.”

Immersit - War immersion 0:55

"Motion is the part of the experience everyone’s been missing,” says CEO Valentin Fage. “Some movie scenes just deserved to be experienced as if they were real, thus we wanted to build a product that would greatly enhance the home cinema experience.”

But while turning your sofa into a sci-fi experiment may sound like a good idea, there is potential for disaster. So we weighed up the potential benefits and detriments.

Pro: Never spend money on an IMAX or D-BOX theater again.
Con: Dumping Sno-Caps and popcorn all over isn’t as fun when it’s your floor.

Pro: Slides you closer to the girl you're watching Netflix with.
Con: Proceeds to buck her off like a mechanical bull.

Pro: Shakes all the coins out of your couch.
Con: Inevitable comparisons to those coin-operated motel beds.

Pro: Martinis!
Con: Vodka-scented throw pillows.

Pro: The device works with Playstation, Call of Duty included.
Con: It does not prevent you from getting your ass kicked by 12-year-olds.

Pro: Wakes you when you accidentally fall asleep on the couch.
Con: You'll think it's an earthquake. Every time.

Pro: The device has sensors that halt all movement when a pet crawls under your couch.
Con: Your girlfriend’s cat likes to hang out under the couch.

Pro: Your couch will appreciate all the extra attention.
Con: Your downstairs neighbor will not. 

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