I Don't Understand This Shapeshifting Clock, but I Want One

Slightly creepy, very cool

By Evan Bleier

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18 May 2017

All due respect to Matthew McConaughey/Rust Cohle, but it appears time isn’t a flat circle, it’s a flat square.

That revelation came to us after we got a load of the ETCH Clock, a tabletop timekeeper that uses patent-pending technology to carve the time each half minute.

If that’s confusing, which admit it, it is, the clock displays the time by hollowing digits in its surface every 30 seconds. If that’s still confusing, ETCH explains the clock “consists in a colored and elastic membrane that transforms itself into 3D digital numbers.” Just watch the clip, will you?

With a coated aluminum frame and metallic base, the minimalist clock can be controlled via an app using an Android or iOS device and can even be set to react to ambient sound or noise.

The Swiss-made piece, which likely uses advanced suction or basic witchcraft to create its reverse-3D appearance, runs on electricity and will cost you north of $1,300 to get it stateside. But it could be worth it for the sheer entertainment value alone.

After all, time etches when you’re having fun.

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