A Desktop Distillery Makes for One Helluva Paperweight

It's five o'clock somewhere

By Evan Bleier

A Desktop Distillery Makes for One Helluva Paperweight
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05 July 2017

There was a time when a bottle of something brown was a fixture in offices of executives across the nation. However, as older workers retire and younger (more sober) members of the workforce replace them, those Don Draper-ian workdays, while not gone completely, have started to taper off.

If a concept project that Lund University professor of product development Olaf Diegel created "for the man who has everything" ever reaches mass production, that trend may vanish like so much angels’ share.

Tasked with creating something that Swedish 3D printing company Lasertech could use to show off their technology and impress executives, Diegel designed a mini distilling apparatus for the office and dubbed it the iStill.

iStill (4 images)

Measuring 4.6” x 2.3” x 2.6”, the desktop distiller looks like something out of a steampunk’s REM sleep and, using a mini burner pinched from a fondue set, it actually works, New Atlas reported.

"I only tested it with some wine in the pot,” Diegel told the publication. “I had the pot half-full of wine, so maybe just over a shot-glass worth of wine in the pot, and that distilled to about 5mm to 10mm of alcohol. I confess, I was not brave enough to taste.”

As saddened as we were to hear that last bit, Diegel’s build is an eye-catcher nonetheless. They're not currently for sale, but if you're dying to purchase one,  feel free to let him know, because you never know. 

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