Household Game: Handsome Stuff for a Handsome Home

7 things that belong in your living room, stat

By The Editors

Household Game: Handsome Stuff for a Handsome Home
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28 December 2015

A home is an extension of the man that dwells in it. It’s a distillation of his taste; a reflection of his lifestyle.

Grown ups own things that sit pretty and wear well. So we hereby insist you remove any and all placeholder furniture, art and objects in your possession. Your home deserves better and so do you.

Instead, pick up some things that walk the line between sophisticated and one-of-a-kind. We’ve searched far and wide for such things so you don’t have to. Pick up some — or all — of the below and people will talk. Nice things, of course.

The Ashling Work Table | $969

Nothing works unless you do. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated workspace in your home for out-of-office days. This minimal and gorgeous station is not your grandfather’s writing desk, and that’s all the better. Imposing is out, unassuming is in.

Book Ends/Candle Blocks | $760

Waxed brass over steel. Need we say more? Depending how you situate them (the individual pieces can stand alone or lock together on their ridged ends), these sturdy objects can serve as candleholders, a centerpiece or book ends for your discerning collection.

The Dreamer Sofa | $2,185

There’s good reason this is called The Dreamer. One: richness of materials. Read: wood and plush velvet. Two, it’s huge, so it holds all your friends. Three, did we mention velvet?

Wooden Chess Set circa 1830-1860 | Contact for price

Chess is one of those rare pastimes that actually makes your brain better. You need to play more chess. Perhaps on a 150-year-old ode to early German modernism.

Pampa Rugs | $794

They really tie the room together.

Lemnos Maple Wall Clock | $124

Because why pull out your phone to answer one of life’s simplest questions when you can have a look at this beaut?

Skog Poster | $53

Don’t let your walls get stale with the same hand-me-down art you’ve been hauling from place to place for the last decade. Here’s a piece that’ll remind you there’s more to life than subways and sidewalks. And remember: if you insist on posters, we insist on frames.

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