Highly Recommended: Framebridge

Or, how to never get screwed on custom framing again

By Danny Agnew

How to Never Get Screwed on Custom Framing Again
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07 September 2017

This is Highly Recommended, in which one of our editors waxes poetic about an unsexy but dependable consumer good they swear by.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m perhaps a little obsessed with framing stuff. Thanks to an open floorplan and high ceilings, the apartment I share with my lovely fiancé features a gallery wall with around 40 works of varying sizes and mediums.

Anyone who has ever visited a traditional frame shop will tell you that this is approximately $348,496 worth of custom framing. Lucky for me, a friend had turned me onto Framebridge, a new(ish) online concern promising to put an end to frame-store screwjobs and get that art up on your wall where it belongs.

Framebridge 1 (2 images)

Framebridge has a surprising number of frame choices and two logistical options for framing your artwork: upload a digital file or mail in a physical piece. I tried both.

For the digital file, I sent a hi-res snap by the supremely talented Emily Winiker and maxed out Framebridge’s standard dimensions of 32" x 40" — a steal at $199, especially considering the price includes the print itself. A week later, a big ol’ box showed up with the beautifully framed (and expertly printed, it bears noting) piece tucked neatly inside.

For the physical piece, I decided to really put Framebridge’s skills to the test — I mailed in a tube (Framebridge provides a shipping label) containing a massive vintage linen poster for the excellent 1966 Antonioni film Blow-Up. And damned if it didn’t come back gallery-ready, albeit in a crudely Frankensteined amalgam of two of Framebridge’s biggest boxes.

Framebridge 2 (3 images)

Best part: Framebridge puts WallBuddies on the back of your piece, making it truly idiot-proof to hang level. Gamechanger.

Now all you need is a nice piece of art.

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