What's Next, a DIY Cardboard Record Player? Oh.

Ah, the warm, cozy crackle of recycled junk

By Evan Bleier

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31 May 2017

Other than Popular Mechanics subscriptions and Saturday afternoon trips to the mall to pick up supplies, DIYers and Hi-Fi fans perhaps haven’t had all that much in common over the years.

Now, thanks to Spinbox Global, they finally have something to share — for 20 minutes at least.

An assemble-at-home record player that comes in a cardboard box and takes two shakes of a lamb’s tail to build, the Spinbox turntable can play 7-, 10- and 12-inch records at 33 or 45rpm.

With the box serving as the turntable’s base, the five-step assembly process doesn’t require any special tools or technical knowledge and, since the amp and speakers are built-in, it basically amounts to connecting the interior components and sliding the platter on top of the player.

DIY Vinyl Player (2 images)

Powered via the same Micro USB port that’s found on most non-Apple phones, the lightweight table’s water-resistant body is even durable enough for on-the-go DJs to do some scratching.

Pricing for the Spinbox hasn’t been announced, but the player's crowdfunding campaign is launching soon. Sign up for updates here.

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