Two Wheels and One Slackline, 367 Feet Up in the Air

Kenny Belaey and the art of balance

By The Editors

Two Wheels and One Slackline, at 367 Feet
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18 September 2015

Stepping on a slackline will test your balance.

Biking across a slackline? That’s when your insurance company drops you.

But with a little gentle prodding from Red Bull, UCI World Champion Kenny Belaey did something that, like most Red Bull-endorsed derring-do, seems insane:

He biked across a two millimeter rope that was stretched 55 feet across a peak 367 feet up in the air at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet.

The location was Paradiski, the winter-summer resort and ski haven in the French Alps.

Here’s the video:

As it is with reaching any goal, his practice went in baby steps.

He started at under a foot and slowly raised it to nine feet. It took UCI World Champion Belaey a year of practicing to build up to the stunt.

Good motivation for all you hobbyists heading into the weekend.

Baby steps.

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