Gentleman’s Stocking

Presented by Timex

By The Editors
December 7, 2015 9:00 am

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Ah, the stocking. Stuffed each December with the sort of throwaway bric-a-brac that says with true yuletide spirit, “Let’s just get through this to get to the real presents.”

But the chimney sock need not function as the mere amuse bouche of gift opening. Executed correctly, it can play the feature presentation.

Thus we bring you A Gentleman’s Stocking, a curated range of quality stuffers made in partnership with our friends at Timex.

You’ll find treats for that someone you always find in the kitchen. The one who’s always fiddling with the latest gadgetry. The one you never find because he/she is perpetually on a mountain somewhere.

Now go forth and elevate your stocking game.

For the exercise fiend who puts kale in everything and can accurately guess his/her own resting heart rate within two beats per minute, we hollered at Andrew Parietti, founder of technical apparel outfit Outdoor Voices. Motto: “Doing things is better than not doing things.”

Andrew Parietti, President of Outdoor Voices

On the Upstate Crewneck: “It’s incredibly versatile—technical enough to wear on a run, but understated enough to wear everyday.

For the folks whose home is so tastefully furnished that it fills you with a small amount of jealous rage each time you enter it, we conferred with Noa Santos, founder of crack interior design consortium HomePolish. Spoiler alert: his home is one of those homes.

Noa Santos, CEO & CoFounder of Homepolish

On the Madrid Cutlery Set: “The small statements, especially those you handle (literally) as intimately as your cutlery are ways to make powerful design statements without trying too hard. Plus matte black is the new black.”

For the man whose tie bar is perpetually polished and whose closet sports more monkstraps than you’ve got shoes period, we consulted all-around-dapper-dude Leo Chan, the man behind noted menswear and travel blog Levitate Style. One look at this guy and you’ll know his sartorial advice is sound.

Leo Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Levitate Style

On the Declan Pocket Square: “A 2 in 1 pocket square that’ll make any look sharper with extra functions, perfect for the guy on the go.”

For that someone who will be huddled over a stove churning out the tasty treats that necessitate your New Year’s resolution, we checked in with Michelin-starred Chef Marc Forgione, Iron Chef winner and sizzler of the best damn steak we’ve ever tasted.

Marc Forgione, Chef and Founder of Restaurant Marc Forgione

On the White Marble Mortar & Pestle: “With all the cooking technology available in the world, a pesto made with a mortar & pestle is still the best for me.”

For the obsessed techie who longs for the day when virtual reality replaces the real thing, we turned to Hillary Coe, card-carrying nerd and former Creative Director at Google. When the robots eventually rise up against us, she’ll most likely be the one leading the resistance.

Hillary Coe, Former Creative Director at Google

On the Amazon Echo:Basically a mini HAL in your living room. I get home and say ‘Alexa, turn on sexy time’ and she turns on all my red lights. You get it. 

For the outdoorsman doesn’t own many things — one pair of jeans, one pair of boots, a beat-up truck he affectionately refers to as “Delilah” — we called Richard Greiner, founder of Huckberry. According to Richard, they’re “like your favorite store, your grandpa’s favorite store, and you favorite magazine all rolled into one.”

Richard Griener, Co-Founder of Huckberry

On the Roo Kammock:A great gift for the budding fly fisherman, or a backpacker who wants to test the waters but keep things light.”