The 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

36 gifts only a mother could love (and she will, trust)

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Know what your mom really wants for Mother’s Day? One of those little handwritten coupon books good for free foot rubs, car washes and the like.

But you probably don’t have the time, energy or endearing childlike penmanship for that, so we’ve got the next best thing: our 36-item Mother’s Day Gift Guide, which we’ve formatted in the style of one of those coupon books with a little artistic help from one of our editor’s kids.

From “Good for a Day of Self-Care” (think massages, PJs and face masks) to “Good for a Night Out” (think perfume and crystal earrings), we’ve got something for all the mothers in your life.

Your mother, the mother of your kids, mothers-in-law, grandmothers — all present and accounted for.

By Logan Mahan, with additional contributions from Kayla Kibbe, Alex Lauer, Ariel Scotti and Kirk Miller. Illustrations by Lila Conklin.

This Coupon Is Good For: Uninterrupted Alone Time

Stuff she can use when she’s alone. And, seriously leave her alone.

This Coupon Is Good For: Stress-Free Traveling

Gear she can use while on that vacation you’re also going to give her. 

This Coupon Is Good For: A More Comfortable, Beautiful Home

Because she deserves her own HGTV moment. 

This Coupon Is Good For: A Day of Self Care

After taking care of your dumb ass all the time, she needs it.

This Coupon Is Good For: A Gratifying Workout

Cause let’s be real: the grind never stops, and neither does she.

This Coupon Is Good For: A Night Out

Something fancy for her to show off. (Bonus: she’ll then everyone you got it for her. )