The 2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Because even under quarantine, you still have to get her something

April 29, 2020 10:30 am
The 2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day looks different this year.

There won’t be any celebrating at her favorite restaurant, or cheering her on at your local Mother’s Day 5k, or getting together with your extended family. You might not even be able to see your mother at all.

We know, it’s a bummer, but it’s especially disappointing for your mom and the mother of your children and your grandma and expecting mothers and mother-like figures. So it’s your job to make it all suck a little less and surprise her with a very thoughtful and expensive Mother’s Day present. (Kidding about that last part. Sort of.)

Thankfully, even during this stressful time you have us, and we’ve selected only the finest gifts for your mom, wife or baby mama. Below you’ll find stylish gear to add to her closet, items for her home, products to aid her overall health and wellness, and of course, some dazzling jewelry. So now go and get your mother something nice! And call her. You should call your mom.

For Her Closet

Framed Slide Sandals in Canvas and Leather

It’s a known fact that mom’s love J.Crew, so naturally any mother would be thrilled to receive the brand’s latest summer sandal for women. The contrasting rich brown leather and natural canvas lends the pair a luxe feel, and she’ll appreciate the ease with which they can be dressed up or down. 

Tishkoff Square Sunglasses

Retro shades are all the rage right now, and these square red horn frames with large, brown-gradient lenses from Flatlist are bringing some major vintage vibes. She won’t wanna take them off.

Andie Swimwear “The Tulum”

Shopping for bathing suits can get a bit tricky. But with Andie Swimwear, you know you’re gonna get a quality, comfortable suit with just the right balance of coverage and sex appeal she can feel confident in. (Sorry if you’re shopping for your mom and just had to read the phrase “sex appeal,” but also get over it, your mom deserves a nice swimsuit).

Grace Canvas and Leather Belt Bag

We’re doing another canvas and leather moment. This belt bag from Mark Cross was modeled after the vintage suitcase Grace Kelly carried in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. It’s reimagined here as a contemporary belt bag, made from robust canvas and trimmed with brown smooth leather. But no worries, she can detach the belt and carry it like a normal human woman would.

Cloud Cotton Robe

Made from a fluffy, two-ply gauze fabrication of premium 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, this robe from Parachute lives up to its name.

Brooklinen Loungewear

We’ve recommended Brooklinen’s loungewear for guys multiple times. But the truth is, their women’s collection is even better, featuring everything from jumpsuits to dresses to wide-leg sweatpants. You think sweatpants aren’t a good enough gift? Wait till she puts them on.

Indi Diaper Backpack

A diaper bag she’ll wanna be seen carrying. Dagne Dover’s Indi Diaper Backpack has hella storage for extra diapers and clothes, pockets for toys, snacks and wipes, two leashes to attach keys and pacifiers, a pouch for her laptop, and it even comes with a mini air mesh changing mat. Clips easily to her stroller, or if she’s traveling (with or without baby), to her suitcase via the luggage sleeve.

Cuyana Wide Brim Summer Hat

If the mother in question has a penchant for drama, she’ll appreciate this wide-brimmed Summer Hat from Cuyana. The natural straw and neutral grosgrain ribbon trim means she can wear it all summer long and with basically any outfit. and the wide brim is ideal for pretending not to see someone she doesn’t want to speak to. 

Equipment Tavine Printed Washed-Silk Midi Wrap Dress

Buying clothes for women is hard, and buying clothes for your mother is near impossible. And maybe weird. But if there’s one failsafe, and universally flattering, silhouette, it’s the wrap dress. Equipment’s Tavine dress is appropriate for mothers of any age and the tropical leaf pattern is well-suited for the fast approaching summer. 

Isabelle Sandal

Because all women deserve more delicate, strappy heel sandals.

For Her Home

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

If your mom, wife or baby mamma does not yet own a Vitruvi essential-oil diffuser, it is your duty as her son, husband or baby daddy to get her one. Offering three hours of non-stop aromatherapy, this hand-crafted matte ceramic diffuser will keep her at peace while effortlessly blending into her decor.

Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle

With this sleek, stainless steel electric pour-over kettle from Fellow, she’ll be able to control her desired temperature for hot beverages. Featuring a precision pour spout and a “hold” option that keeps water at the perfect temp for 60 minutes, she’ll get a soothing cup every time.

Via Citrus Trees

We’re pretty sure citrus trees have been scientifically proven to brighten up any household, no matter how terrible your mood. Via Citrus makes growing and maintaining your very own citrus tree a breeze. Available in meyer lemon, key lime or calamondin orange, all you have to do is select her preferred tree and have it sent right to her door.

Winesulator + 2 Uncork’d XL Wine Tumblers/Lids

We were gonna spare you from a “moms love wine!” joke, but it’s true, moms do love wine. Like, exceptionally more than the average childless person. Moms also love drinking wine in public, which makes this wine travel set from Brumate a pretty perfect Mother’s Day gift. The set includes a Winesulator and two 14oz insulated wine tumblers in a gorgeous floral design — guaranteed to keep her wine at the perfect temp wherever she’s chugging.

Pineapple Collective “The Olive Oil”

Haven’t you heard? The latest home decorating trend is showing off all your cute bottles of olive oil — or in this case, cans of olive oil. The Pineapple Collaborative crafted this adorable can in collaboration with olive oil maker Kathryn Tomajan, using a blend of organic Koroneiki, Arbequina and Arbosana olives sustainably harvested in California. (We’ve also tasted it for ourselves, and can confirm that it is as tasty as it is nice to look at).

K-Café Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker

While you can’t take her out to brunch on Mother’s Day, you can still gift her a delicious cup of coffee. The K-Cafe Maker doesn’t just make brewing coffee a breeze, but also makes crafting creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos super simple — she’ll never have to wait in a Starbucks line again.

Otherland Mother’s Day Gift Set

Another candle recommendation? Hear us out: Not only are Otherland’s offerings aesthetically leagues ahead of whatever you’ll find at Target, but their scents are tantalizingly unique, from peony blossom to smoky embers. Plus, they’ve got a Mother’s Day set to make it easy.

Soleil Beach Sling Chair

Forget the beach — she can plop this beauty on her front lawn, deck or backyard and bask in the sun all summer long. This sling chair is designed with a sturdy teak frame and a canvas sling to support a natural, reclined seating position, and it comes in four different stylish, warm-weather patterns.

Five Two Essential Cookware

Food52 listened to their readers’ requests and made a line of stunning, super functional cookware. Choose from a collection of non-stick or stainless steel skillets, pots and pans with heat-resistant handles, anti-yellowing technology, non-toxic materials and glass lids with (perhaps the best part) built-in strainers.


With the Bartesian, you’re basically gifting her an in-home bartender she never has to tip. All she has to do is stock up this Keurig like contraception with liquor, insert a cocktail capsule, select her preferred drink strength and watch the Bartesian whip up a delicious cocktail in seconds.

Bordeaux Grand Cru Gift Pack

Mom likes a good glass of wine. Let’s stress the first part of now: The glass itself. Riedel’s handmade vino glasses are “wine friendly,” which really means mom’ll get a generous pour and the shape of this sipper will mellow out the bitterness and let the fruit blossom in the glass. Great for full-bodied reds, which, yes, you should buy separately and pair up with these. Then pull out a bottle and enjoy a drink together. Virtually. 

Delight Your Garden Lover Personalized 9 Piece Garden Trug Basket with Tools

A customized gift is always a hit, and this gardening basket that allows you to personalize every tool in the basket, is something she’ll get some major use out of.

For Her Health

The Exercise Dress

One of Outdoor Voices’ best-selling products. The main draw to the Exercise Dress is how versatile it is. Great for working out due to its breathable “LightSpeed” fabric, built-in shorts liner and phone pocket. Plus, it’s cute enough to be worn during non-workout activities.

Backlash Fit Smart Mat

Not your mother’s yoga mat! But it could be. This six-foot, non-slip mat pairs with Amazon Alexa so you can broadcast daily flows through the Women’s Health app. More importantly, though, it uses an internal locking system, sort of like a slap bracelet to roll itself back up.

FitBit Inspire & Inspire

Gifting your parents personal tech is always a little tricky. If the gadget’s too intimidating, there’s a decent chance it’s going right back into the box after you leave. We recommend keeping it simple. The Fitbit Inspire is basically a fancy pedometer; it tracks steps, miles traveled and calories burned, and it tells the time. It also gets irritated and beeps if you haven’t moved around in a while. That’s it. We know from recent studies that the “10,000 steps” goal is made up, but walking more steps is directly related to longer life-span. Here’s to an extra decade for your ma.

Florette Tank

What we love about the Florette Tank (we, meaning the women of InsideHook) is how insanely light it is, making it pretty damn perfect for yoga. It’s also super stretchy and comfy thanks to the recycled polyester fabric blend, while the moisture-wicking properties and dropped armholes keep us cool and dry. Not to mention the crossed back keyhole design and light champagne color makes it a simply fun piece to wear.

Harness Walk Kit

We’re sure she’s been spending a significant chunk of her quarantine walking the family dog around the block, and there’s no reason she shouldn’t be able to do it in style. Wild One’s Harness Walk Kit features all the necessary on-the-go essentials: a soft and stretchy harness, with a color matched leash and convenient poop bag carrier, now available in an adorable lilac colorway.

OXO Large Salad Spinner

Crate and Barrel’s reviews section is full of people drooling over this thing. In one of our favorites, someone nicknamed it “Mr. Reliable.” It’s a lunch-hour game-changer; just load washed greens into the bowl, pump the central handle to engage the spinner, and stop when good to go. It doubles as a colander, too. She’ll love it. 

Fresh Foam 1080v10

Maybe, like so many others, she’s picked up running during quarantine. And maybe, like so many others, she’s wearing the same beat-up pair of Nike Frees she wore to the gym in 2014. Hook her up with the latest iteration of New Balance’s premium ultra-cushioned running shoe, the 1080v10. They’re lightweight, insanely comfortable and nice-looking, to boot.

The Super Bar Collection

Sakara is a holistic wellness brand that dabbles in snacks and bars as a side hustle to its meal programs, which aim to improve digestion and boost energy. It’s helmed by best friends Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise and the branding is immaculate. Mom will like a pack of their bars — the Detox Bar contains Blue Spirulina, a superfood blue-green algae that helps clear the gut; the Beauty Bar is aimed at encouraging positive melanin and collagen production, and the Energy Bar contains essential, start-the-day vitamins and nootropics. It actually won the distinction of healthiest energy bar when we spoke to a nutritionist on the topic last year. 

Work It Out Water Bottle — Drinking Enough Water

We could all use a reminder to drink more water (consider this yours). Not only is this water bottle from insanely cute, it’ll motivate her to stay hydrated at the gym or at her desk. 

Double Roller

She needs a foam roller to release all that post-sweat tension. One in a seamfoam green marble that makes all other rollers look depressingly basic.

For Her Beauty & Wellness

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

Summer Fridays is the latest It-girl cosmetic brand to flood our Instagram feeds. But the girls aren’t posting solely for the nice packaging — the products are quite ze bomb. While you can’t go wrong with any one of their highly-coveted masks, this silky vegan lip mask quickly hydrates dry lips throughout the day and seals in moisture at night, making it a reliable everyday companion.

Mutha Body Butter

Crafted from shea, cocoa, and mango butters, vitamins, fatty acids and pure seed extracts, this 100% natural body butter from Mutha restores moisture to everyday dry skin — but also works to minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Chanel Luminous Matte Lip Colour Trio Set

Chanel has stepped up their beauty product game, and everyone wants some expensive lipsticks and powders from the iconic brand. One of their best-sellers is the Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick — an intense matte lip color with a non-drying texture, so it’ll glide onto her lips smoothly but last all day long. Not to mention the sleek, chic packaging will look gorgeous in her makeup bag.

Peter Thomas Roth Mix, Mask & Hydrate Set

As far as skincare gifting goes, face masks exist perfectly at the elusive intersection of Things She Will Use and Things She Probably Wouldn’t Buy for Herself. For most of us, face masks aren’t part of a daily skincare routine, so unlike a cleanser or a moisturizer, she probably doesn’t already have a go-to face mask your gift could risk deviating from. Moreover, because they’re not an everyday product, face masks add a little touch of luxury without feeling too over the top. Peter Thomas Roth has some of the best face masks in the game, and this mix & match set features six different products, meaning you get six shots in one to gift her something she’ll love.

Gold Eyeshadow Palette

She won’t buy a $100 eyeshadow palette for herself — so that’s where you come in. Gift her this beloved Gold assortment from Natasha Denona that includes 15 matte, metallic, sparkling, and duo-chrome shades and she’ll cherish it forever (or until it runs out).

Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask

Your mom deserves to feel relaxed and refreshed, so why not pamper her with some fancy face masks? Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask features hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin as well as the company’s ChronoluxCB anti-aging formula. The real key, however, is that layer of foil covering the mask: in addition to making her look like the Tin Man (very cool), it allows for maximum absorption of the serum compared to more traditional cotton or biocellulose. The particles can’t penetrate the foil, meaning they all go straight into the skin and work quicker.

Best Foot Forward Softening Heel and Foot Mask

Sure, she’s tried all the hottest sheet masks, but has she discovered the even more satisfying (and much more socially acceptable) foot mask? All she has to do is slip her feet in, chill out in shea butter and coconut oil bliss for 10 minutes, then get back to her life — or finish that episode of Normal People.

Ambient Lighting Blush Quad

Unsure of her preferred blush shade? Get her four. This dazzling palette features a quartet of flattering hybrid blushes designed to compliment any skin shade.

Glossier Hand Cream

Glossier’s latest product release comes at a particularly convenient time. Her over washed, cracked hands will love this fast absorbing, nutrient rich moisturizer that’s packaged in an adorable, squeezable, recyclable palm-sized pod with a click-to-close cap to secure against any spillage.

Big Dipper Mineral Bath

Not everyone wants to bomb their bath with a Willy Wonka’s factory of color, glitter and sugary aromas. So Bathing Culture put together this concoction, which calls to mind a saltwater hot spring by blending various salts with green clay and jojoba oil. Doesn’t hurt that the jar will look nice on the counter.

For Her Neck, Wrists and Fingers

Cloverpost Mama Necklace

A chic, fun necklace for the proud motherly types in your life.

Lele Sadoughi Imitation Pearl Medium Hoops

Pearls have gained an unfair reputation as a gemstone fit for preppy grandmothers. Luckily the gemstone has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts in the past few months and are being interpreted by young, contemporary designers in non-traditional ways, like Lele Sadoughi’s Imitation Pearl hoops. The earrings are simple and minimalistic enough to appease any mom, without veering into old lady territory. She’ll be the girl with the pearl earring(s).

Wolf Circus Amourette Necklace in Gold

What better way to show the mother in your life how much she means to you than by gifting her the ultimate symbol of love, the heart. In turn, anytime she wears this necklace, you’ll always be close to her heart. Aww.

Organic Pearl Hoops

Hi, it’s us again, another pair of dainty pearls for your mother’s ears. This time there’s just two of us, freshwater pearls hanging from a thick 18k gold layer on sterling silver. And we’re handpicked, making us totally unique.

Diamond Bezel Ring

A luminous diamond suspended on a simple gold chain designed to withstand every day life without looking totally ordinary.

Roxanne Assoulin Always Gold-Plated Cuff

This gold cuff with the world “always” stitched in red is simple yet effective, presumably summing up a lifetime of feelings and memories in one word. Whatever your interpretation of the word, the meaning won’t be lost on your mom. Unless you’re thinking, “I’ve always secretly resented you.” Either way, though, it’s pretty.

Miki Lapis and 18kt Gold-Plated Brass Ring

If she prefers more brazen pieces of jewelry, this 18kt gold-plated brass ring from Aurélie Bidermann will certainly be satisfactory. Crafted in France, the ring features a jointed rope-style border and a chunky band. It’s set with a lapis lazuli cabochon for a bold bohemian look.

14K Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A celestial, incredibly exquisite, one-of-a-kind 14k gold diamond tennis bracelet that’s almost 20 grand. How much do you love your mother?