The Best Rain Boots for Men Are Splash-Proof Perfection

Puddles don't stand a chance

a collage of the best rain boots for men on a grey rainy background

Wet weather shouldn't keep you indoors — not with a cohort of the best rain boot for men at your disposal.

By Paolo Sandoval

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Winter’s finally behind us (mostly), which can only mean one joyous thing: spring. Beautiful, damp…wet, sloshy, freezing-rain spring. But there’s no turning back now — Daylight Savings and whatnot, you understand. So that leaves just one option to survive the torrential turbulence of the most fickle season: the best rain boots for men.

While rain boots induce a wide array of images depending on your point of reference — it’s a classic case of The Appalachian Trail vs. Singing in the Rain — we’re talking about weatherproof, typically nylon styles, much like rain jackets, that’ll keep you dry and warm, no matter where you are. Some styles fall into the sneaker-hybrid category, while others hiking, but all share the common traits of puddle-busting grit.

We’ve taken the liberty of testing out a variety of styles from brands like Hunter, Xtratuf, Danner and more, and we compiled our favorite for every type of guy. From sleek slip-on deck boots to Bogs behemoths, these are the best rain boots for men in 2023.

The Best Rain Boots for Men in 2023:

At first glance, Xtratuf’s Deck Boot — a lightweight, updated model from the Alaskan outdoor company — might look decidedly…dinky? But take the low-profile, city-ready style for a spin, and you’ll immediately understand why it’s our top choice. We cannot overstate the Deck Boot’s versatility — light like a sneaker, rugged like proper galoshes, designed for all conditions and sporting a multitude of waterproofing, it’s the boot we’ve come back to over and over again.

You might not know at first glance that Hunter’s Refined Chelsea Boots are entirely waterproof, and that’s kind of the whole point. Designed specifically for a sleek, sophisticated look when conditions get sloppy, the boots maintain that signature touch of Chelsea class without losing the handcrafted, waterproof finish Hunter rainboots are so known for. Side note: their classic options are just as good and come in all sorts of engaging shades and patterns.

Oregon-based Bogs doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. No, it’s not the most stylish footwear. No, it’s not nearly as breathable as sneaker-boot hybrids. What it is, though, is a calf-height monster than can repel sheets of rain like it’s nothing and trek through miles of muddy terrain. They’re anti-slip thanks to a durable rubber and BioGrip slip-resistant sole. Oh, and did we mention that they’re under $100?

Stomping across campus on an extra-damp day? You’ll need your Bean Boots, then. The Maine-based brand’s signature style comes in a multitude of linings and colorways, but for our money, the classic 8″, waterproof duck boot is the king of all prepwear, the only choice when tucking in your chinos and tossing on your fisherman’s sweater.

Sensibilties lean more Air Max than rain boot? Nike’s cult All-Conditions Gear (ACG) line fuses the swoosh’s proclivity for hype sneakers with genuine outdoor-ready materials — we see you, GORE-TEX — for a hybrid boot you won’t worry about getting a little muddy.

The Blundstone #500 may not be the best rain boot, but our top Chelsea boot pick is still pretty damn good. It’s Expertly crafted with a weatherproof 2.5 mm oiled leather and durable, slip-resistant outsole, it’ll get the job done in wet conditions, with the added benefit of being a year-round style.

Bottega’s Puddle Boot may have been a 2021 novelty, but after some introspection, the style is seriously space suit-meets-yellow galosh chic. Yes, they’re exorbitantly expensive, but in a variety of vivid hues, or, even more intriguing, a translucent finish that’ll let your sock game shine, they’re a primo way to get fire ‘fits off, even in the ugliest of weather.

Don’t like the look of rain boots? Can’t stand sweaty dogs? We get it — despite their obvious benefits, it can sometimes feel like rain boots aren’t worth the squeeze. If you’re expecting an especially wet commute in the Aldens or Edmonds, try UGG’s inexpensive Boot Gaurd, a nylon slipover that fits most any shoe and should keep your boys dry and warm in all but flash flood situations.

More Rain Boots That We Love:

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