Sports | April 7, 2018 5:00 am

As ‘NBA Jam’ Turns 25, What Pairs Would Make the Cut Today

In honor of the iconic video games 25th anniversary, ESPN asked five current NBA players about the title.

the "NBA Jam" title screen. (Midway)
the "NBA Jam" title screen. (Midway)


If you were old enough to play video games a few decades back, you recognize that phrase from a title that began taking shape in 1993 under the watchful eye of developer Mark Turmell.

NBA Jam — a game that paired dynamic duos of NBA players against one another in a two-on-two showdown featuring tomahawk dunks, hard fouls and burning basketballs – turns 25 this month.

To honor its birthday, ESPN asked five current NBA players – Seth Curry, Al Jefferson, DeAndre Jordan, Brook Lopez and Iman Shumpert – about their favorite memories of the game and which team they used to play with.

ESPN also asked the quintet which pair of current NBA teammates would make the best duo in the game. (As you can see, there are a lot of solid options to choose from.)

Four out of the five of players chose Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. To see which pair the lone dissenter picked, read on.