Sports | May 5, 2018 5:00 am

These Five NFL Teams Still Have Big Holes to Fill

Though free agent moves are done and the draft is over, these teams are missing key roster pieces.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers will apparently have a cameo in this Sunday's "Game of Thrones." (Tom Pennington/ Getty)

The draft and free agency are both behind us, and though trades and preseason cutdowns could shake NFL rosters a bit, we now have a pretty clear picture of what teams will look like as we start the countdown to the 2018 season. A handful of franchises spent big in free agency to fill their biggest holes, while others decided to use the draft to patch up their weak spots. But not everyone has their roster issues buttoned up. These five teams still have big question marks hovering over major parts of their team.

Seahawks: Offensive line 

The Seahawks had a disastrous offensive line last season, yet they have done very little to fix the problem. The front office seems to hope that new offensive line coach Mike Solari, who replaced Tom Cable, can fix the squad.

Packers: Pass Rush

Green Bay acquired a pair of first string-caliber cornerbacks with its two draft picks, but there is still the question of how the team is going to get more consistent pressure on the quarterback.

Bills: Receivers 

The Bills’ top three pass catchers were a running back, a tight end, and a receiver who is now on the Dallas Cowboys, according to The Ringer. The starting quarterback this season is likely going to find himself in a very tough position.

Steelers: Linebackers 

Pittsburgh is heading into next season with zero depth at linebacker. The team came out of the draft with an abundance of safeties, so they might need to improvise with the players they have.

Cowboys: Pass Catchers

Dallas has tried to fix the problem after releasing Dez Bryant and losing Jason Witten to retirement. But there moves have not panned out yet, and at some point, a combination of pass-catchers is going to need to emerge as the team’s go-to-guys, writes The Ringer.