Music | November 14, 2021 7:34 pm

Robert Plant May Have Visited a Swedish Sex Club With Members of ABBA

Accounts differ as to whether or not it actually took place

Led Zeppelin, 1975
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Earls Court, United Kingdom.
Chris Walter/WireImage

Picture it: Stockholm, 1978. Led Zeppelin are in town, recording what would become their final studio album, In Through the Out Door, at Polar Studios. Polar Studios, in turn, was owned by members of ABBA. And while you might not think that members of these two very different groups would get along, apparently they became fast friends. All of this led to a particularly notable — and possibly apocryphal — story involving Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus visiting a sex club.

With the recent return of ABBA, the time seem to be right to revisit this story. And thus, writing at Ultimate Classic Rock, Martin Kielty looked back on the trip the quartet may or may not have made.

The article cites an interview Plant gave in 2005 for Swedish television, where he described visiting clubs with his bandmate and the members of ABBA. “People seemed to want to go to sleep very early when we got to them, because they immediately got out a circular mattress with a zip down the middle,” he recalled. “And ladies and men started going to sleep together, while we were having a drinkie-winkie with Benny and Bjorn.”

Page has also confirmed that members of both bands went out to a club of some sort in Stockholm. As for the members of ABBA, however, they seem to remember things differently. As Kielty notes, a spokesperson for the band commented, “They’ve never been at any sex club with Robert Plant” after Plant’s 2005 interview. It’s a musical mystery for the ages — possibly to be solved via memoir or podcast one day.