Architecture & Real Estate | July 5, 2022 7:31 am

Report Cites Hundreds of Endangered Historic Sites in Spain

It's an alarming report

Teruel, Spain.
Robot8A, CC BY-SA 4.0

Whether they’re 100 years old or 1,000, historic buildings are something to savor — a tangible, tactile link to the past. But oftentimes, it isn’t enough to simply declare a building historic and move on. The upkeep of certain sites poses a host of challenges — and that’s before you get into the questions that can come up when sustainability enters the picture.

Unfortunately, not all historic buildings have dedicated resources allocated to keeping them functional and accessible. And thus, you might end up with a situation similar to what’s taking place right now in Spain. A new article from ARTnews cites a report from a Spanish nonprofit group to the effect that literally hundreds of historical religious structures are at risk.

The group, Hispania Nostra, published a list of 400 buildings at risk — and included some haunting images of buildings in disrepair or which have, in a few cases, been reduced to little more than walls. The report points to looting as another example of why some of these buildings are in their current condition.

ARTnews cites as one example the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Grace, which has stood in Teruel since 1795. Unfortunately, while its impressive facade is still there, little else other than the walls has endured over the years. The organization’s list is intended as a call to action — but it’s also a stark reminder of what happens when a storied building falls into ruin.