Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks to Buy an Island

Move over, Sealand—this one’s (probably) tropical

Coffee Island
Coffee Island is one of the finalists in Let's Buy an Island.
Let's Buy an Island/Facebook
By Tobias Carroll / September 1, 2019 10:58 am

For travelers who love vacationing in warm, tropical spaces, the appeal of a private island isn’t difficult to understand. And with the rise of adventure travel, a place’s location or relative isolation isn’t necessarily the dealbreaker it once was. Obviously, the idea of an isolated getaway spot with beautiful scenery and amazing beaches can have its drawbacks, but if done correctly, the potential exists for something genuinely appealing to a large group of people.

Enter the appropriately-named Let’s Buy an Island

What, you might ask, is Let’s Buy an Island? It’s a crowdfunding campaign to purchase an island, which would be turned into a private space for the funders, as well as the launchpad for some sort of business, the nature of which would depend on the island eventually purchased.

There are currently 5 finalists, including islands located in Belize, Borneo and the Philippines. 

Their website stresses the due diligence necessary to accomplish such a task—and seems to be fairly pragmatic about some of the difficulties associated with this endeavor. 

Paradoxically, that comes off positively: this is, after all, an ambitious undertaking—including “a micronation experiment” as part of the larger project. The last few decades have involved a number of high-profile micronations, including Liberland, a libertarian micronation on the Danube

If Let’s Buy an Island succeeds in their goals, the result may well be a utopian environment for all involved. If it goes badly, at least the tell-all documentary will be interesting. 

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