Architecture & Real Estate | October 30, 2021 3:09 pm

Michael Jordan, Serena Williams Among the Celebrities Having Trouble Selling Their Homes

Strange days for modern real estate

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Some celebrities are having a hard time selling their homes these days.
Tierra Mallorca/Unsplash

Sine the beginning of 2020, there’s been a substantial increase in real estate prices in certain parts of the country. That’s good news if you’re a homeowner in one of those regions looking to sell your place — for the most part. But there’s also an unexpected subset of homeowners with well-designed spaces in prime locations who are, in the midst of an uptick in the housing market, still struggling.

What makes this particularly surprising is that many of them are household names — athletes and actors you’ve been watching for years.

Writing at Curbed, Jenny Xie has a good overview of the range of celebrities encountering this very specific problem. This includes The Rock, who’s seeking a buyer for an estate outside of Atlanta, as well as Jennifer Lopez, whose penthouse in NoMad is on the market for $25 million. Also on the list? Serena Williams and Michael Jordan, as well as Matt Lauer — though Xie speculates that Lauer’s own public implosion may have adversely affected the market for a place he called home.

The homes featured in the article cover a wide range of styles, sizes and locations. If there’s one running theme throughout, though, it’s of houses that are significantly more expensive than the properties around them. Real estate can be a tricky business, but location still goes a long way.