The Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoorsmen

Five great gifts for people who hate the indoors, no matter your budget

November 30, 2018 9:00 am

bulova precisionist Holiday 50/50

Bulova Precisionist
Bulova • $825 (sponsored)

In his more outdoorsy pursuits, it behooves a fella to sport a timepiece that’s both extremely precise and built rock solid. The Precisionist fits the bill perfectly (and handsomely), sporting a beefy 46mm stainless/blue IP steel case containing a proprietary eight-hand quartz movement with a 262kHz vibrational frequency. That’s EIGHT times greater than standard timepieces, with a deviation of just +/-10 seconds per year. Yes, year. Add a textured polyurethane strap, handsome carbon fiber dial and a sweeping second hand that rivals most automatics, and you’ve got yourself a wrist cannon that’ll play from a weekend triathlon right into the boardroom on Monday.


Yeti Rambler 14oz Travel Mug Holiday 50/50

Rambler 14oz Insulated Camp Mug
Yeti • $25

So, yes, this mug is perfect for the most rugged of outdoor pursuits. Like everything else Yeti makes, it’s built like a tank and will last you forever, whether you’re sitting around a campfire with friends and or hiking the AT (though it might be a bit heavy for that). But here’s a secret: It also works very well for extremely lazy people who just like to sit and drink coffee on their couch without having to worry about bugs or rain.


Smartwool Marino 250 Base Layer Holiday 50/50

Merino 250 Base Layer
Smartwool • $95

A few years ago, we got one of these for Christmas and wore it every single time we ran (upwards of 30 miles per week) until it was too warm outside to keep wearing it. So call it March. And we didn’t wash it. Ever. Not even once. While we’re not super proud of this fact, it taught us something very important about the garment: it didn’t smell at all. Our wife (we all share one) even begrudgingly confirmed it for us, after insisting for a very long time that we were vile.


Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boot Holiday 50/50

Mountain 600 Hiking Boot
Danner • $135

The Mountain 600 is among the most versatile hiking boots on the market, suitable for technical trails and city streets alike. Thanks to Vibram’s SPE super plush midsole and their Fuga outsole, the boot is extremely comfortable (like, sneaker comfortable) and provides ample traction for those days when weather becomes a factor. It’s available in a ton of different colors, but we’re partial to this handsome green and brown waterproof suede option.


Ten Toes Weekender Stand Up Paddleboard Holiday 50/50

Weekender 10′ Inflatable SUP
Ten Toes • $499

It’s no wonder stand-up paddleboarding has surged as an outdoor activity in recent years — great workout + sun on the face + zen vibes = good times. Transporting/storing an SUP, however … not so much. Enter this handy inflatable number, which can tackle everything from placid lakes to ocean surf and rolls down to the size of a backpack when not in use.



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