The Spring Style Issue

9 things every man should have for spring. Get 'em.

By The Editors
March 30, 2015 9:00 am
The Spring Style Issue

Gents, spring has arrived. It’s time to celebrate.

This is the InsideHook Spring Style Issue. Inside: the nine must-know trending items for men this season.

We hunted. We gathered. We scoured the earth, and even parts of LA. These are the nine trending items you want.

And for each trend, we’ve recommended the brands we think are doing it right, and best. 

Oh, and since we actually were in LA for the shoot, we had a few of our favorite local models stop by to try on the gear, too. 

So you know your lady will look good wearing it this spring as well. 

See you out there,

Danny Agnew
Style Director

Originally crafted for the British military in overseas territory, Bermuda shorts have traditionally been known for their tailoring and fabric. That is, crafted from a suit-quality bit of cloth and cut slim with a hem falling an inch or more above the knee. Solid linen is a cool and versatile call, though we’re not mad at a large-format floral either — it’s Bermuda, after all.


Shorts by Ovadia & Sons, $295
Polo by Orley, $395
Shoes by Timberland, $80
Sunglasses by Barton Perreira, $445
Watch by Daniel Wellington, $229
Bag by Victorinox, $200
Headphones by Master & Dynamic, $399


Shorts by Freemans Sporting Club, $150
Sweater by Gray, $495
Shoes by Timberland, $80
Sunglasses by Krewe, $235

A white suit works best when it’s not exactly white. So, to keep you out of Sonny Crockett or Colonel Sanders territory, we recommend white suits with a slight hint of color (blue, in this case) or an understated pinstripe. Past that, just keep it relaxed and casual — go for some color and pattern with your button-up. Throw on a tee or a tank and some snazzy slip-ons. Enjoy your weekend and that highball.


Suit by J.Crew, $460
Tank Top by Alternative Apparel, $48
Shoes by Axel Arigato, $225
Sunglasses by Krewe, $215


Suit by Suitsupply, $499
Shirt by MTailor, $70
Tie by Knottery New York, $40
Shoes by Paul Evans, $349
Belt by Beltology, $60
Pocket Square by Suit Supply, $45

Be it batik-inspired, Hawaiian classic or even a dose of ‘80s swagger, the casual short-sleeve button up with the bold pattern is back. Your mission here is keep it slim, because the cut marks that fine line between looking good, and looking like you’re going to a Jimmy Buffett concert.


Shirt by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, $65
Henley by 18Waits, $69
Jeans by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, $125
Shoes by Billy Reid, $325
Sunglasses by Barton Perreira, $585
Bracelets by LHN, prices vary


Shirt by J.Crew, $80
Jacket by Ketums, $275
Pants by Billy Reid, $395
Shoes by Sperry, $98

Come a cool spring or summer evening, it’s nice to have a casual, easy layer to throw on over whatever you may already have on. Enter the spring sweater from GANT – more dressed up than a regular sweatshirt, but with a looser, more bohemian weave than its cold-weather counterparts. Works with everything from a pair of jeans to layered with a crisp, colorful oxford and a solid blazer. The perfect marriage of relaxed and put-together.


Sweater by GANT, $155
Trench by GANT, $325
Jeans by GANT, $195
Boots by GANT, $125
Hat by B.M. Franklin & Co., prices vary


Sweater by GANT, $155
Shirt by GANT, $165
Blazer by GANT, $595
Shorts by GANT, $145
Shoes by GANT, $195
Pocket Round by GANT, $75
Leather Folio by GANT, $395

This season’s must-get is a smartly tailored crewneck with sleeves that are short and slim enough to show off your arms. No, Bill Belichick, this is not a license to wear a schlubby hoodie with the sleeves unceremoniously hacked off. Bonus: great for layering when temps are fluctuating.


Short Sleeved Sweatshirt by Alternative Apparel, $66
Shorts by Boast, $78
Shoes by Greats, $159
Watch by Daniel Wellington, $195


Short Sleeved Sweatshirt by Alternative Apparel, $66
Jacket by Billy Reid, $795
Jeans by Levi’s Made & Crafted, $158
Shoes by New Balance, $160
Bag by Timberland, $400

Warm weather = fewer clothes = more skin. By and large a good thing, in our estimation.

However, much of this surface area has spent the last several months either A) bearing the brunt of Mother Nature’s frosty onslaught or B) sequestered, Gollum-like, away from the sun’s warm embrace.

Translation: a little tuneup is required before you’re ready for public consumption.

Your guidelines:

The Hair: A man could be forgiven for going shaggy when there’s a chill in the air, but the change of season is the best opportunity to test a new look. Check what’s trending, ask your barber what works best for you, and be bold — hair grows back. Your faithful Style Director will never again know this feeling, so he must live vicariously through you.

The Face: Unless it’s a major part of your persona (looking at you, Williamsburg), g’head and hack off that winter beard. It’s liberating. Hit your mug with an all-over exfoliation, e.g., Baxter of California’s Facial Scrub. Invest in a quality lotion that’s got a lil’ SPF. Dove Men+Care makes a great one that’s affordable enough to apply liberally sans guilt.

The Feet: The proverbial bitch of the proverbial bunch. If you even want to contemplate donning a pair of sandals and foisting your dogs on the viewing public this season, get thee to a professional and have them thoroughly scrubbed, trimmed and filed. The world will silently thank you, and who knows … you just may enjoy it.

This season, grab yourself a T-shirt cut from linen rather than the traditional cotton. Linen is lightweight with a looser feel, and a heathered weave will keep you cool when the merc’s up. Also gives that artful slouch that looks great whether layered or loose.


Shirt by H&M, $10
Jeans by Uniqlo, $50
Belt by Freddie Matara Custom Leather, prices vary
Bracelets by LHN, prices vary
Watch by AVI-8, $550
Necklaces and boots model’s own


Shirt by H&M, $10
Cardigan by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, $140
Shorts by Club Monaco, $80
Slippers by Billy Reid, $275
Sunglasses by Krewe, $235

We’ve been extolling the virtues of the Sabah for a while now: durable, hand-stitched calfskin slippers from Turkey that dress up or down with aplomb, get more comfortable the more you wear them, and come in a variety of hues, from understated to striking. Streamlined enough to work with a variety of looks, off-center enough that you’ll get compliments. The perfect alternative to the loafers and boat shoes of the world.


Sabahs, $190
Blazer by Suitsupply, $999 (full suit)
Pants by Suitsupply, TBD
Shirt by Uniqlo, $20
Sunglasses by Krewe, $210


Sabahs, $190
Sweater by Suitsupply, $119
Swim Trunks by Orlebar Brown, $345
Watch by Daniel Wellington, $195

So you’ve got your new spring wardrobe pressed and primed, espadrilles to linen lapels. But looking your best doesn’t count for much if you’re constantly showing up late.

Translation: you’re gonna need a watch to go with all this sartorial splendor.

Enter the JetMaster Automatic by Michael Kors.Built on a self-winding movement that runs off stored energy from the natural motion of your arm.

Clocks 40 hours via reserve power even after you take it off.As for looks? A stunning open caseback that gives you a glimpse of the mechanics within, and a face featuring four sub dials (day, date, month and 24-hour time) meant to evoke the design of flight instrument control panels. Hence the flyboy moniker.

The JetMaster Automatic is available in sporty stainless steel and a smart jet black.No matter what ensemble you choose to don, you’ll be right on time. 

For the uninitiated, GTH stands for “Go To Hell” — that is, boasting the sort of pattern that could be defined as loud, proud and thoroughly unapologetic. Typically this designation has been reserved for pants. This season, it’s the blazer’s turn, with bold plaids and even florals coming out to play. The key: keeping the rest of the ensemble straightforward. Just let that jacket do the talking.


Blazer by Moods of Norway, $499 (via Trunk Club
Shirt by Club Monaco, $99
Pants by J.Crew, $158
Belt by Suitsupply, $49
Shoes by Sperry, $88 
Sunglasses by Barton Perreira, $445


Blazer by Suitsupply, prices vary
Shirt by A Suit That Fits, prices vary
Pants by Dockers, $78
Shoes by Barker Black, $825
Belt by BeltCraft, $59
Sunglasses by Barton Perreira, $525

This spring, keep an eye out for tailored trousers that sport a tight and colorful pattern. We’re not talking whales and lobsters here — this ain’t a Nantucket regatta — but something less cheeky with some pop, like the micro floral below. From afar, they play like a solid and allow you to mix it up with your shirt or jacket. Up close, they provide an extra dose of personality. Call ‘em your win-win pants.


Trousers by J.Crew, $88
Shirt by Club Monaco, $98
Shoes by Barker Black, $825
Bag by Sabah, $750
Hat by B.M. Franklin & Co., prices vary
Sunglasses by Krewe, $165
Watch and scarf model’s own


Trousers by J.Crew, $88
Shirt by Suitsupply, $129
Blazer by Proper Suit, prices vary
Shoes by Axel Arigato, $225
Belt by Beltcraft, $59
Watch by Daniel Wellington, $195

Fellas, let’s have a little talk about jewelry.

It ain’t just for the ladies.

And spring, when you’re showing off some skin, is the perfect time to incorporate some into your getup.

Now, these waters are rife with the possibility for sartorial misstep. So tread carefully and heed these guidelines.

The Necklace: The key is to mix up lengths/thicknesses to create layers. Stick with thin chains in low-key metals like brass or sterling silver. If your chosen profession does not involve rhyming into a microphone, steer clear of gold. And stick to smaller, bling-free pendants like the Native American-inspired pieces from 18Waits or the engraved badassery of LHN.

The Bracelet: One area where we firmly believe that less is not, in fact, more. Mix it up: pair a brass cuff with some braided leather. Give your watch a faded rope for company.

The Ring: Varsity accessory territory and not for the faint of heart. First, it helps if you’re the sort of guy often found in skinny black jeans, a T-shirt and boots. Second, keep it to one piece, and not on your pinky. Third, keep it simple and with a little heft. The above styles from Brooklyn’s Digby and Iona are a good yardstick.

Our Spring Style Issue was shot in sunny Venice, California — should you find yourself in the area, we can’t recommend a sandwich from Bành Mí Venice and a cocktail at Scopa strongly enough. 

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