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RCL Talks Drugs, Legacy and Woodstock With Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Biographer

A new must-read book exposes and enshrines the '70s supergroup.

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Reality Bite for Steven Spielberg: Netflix Isn’t the Enemy, It’s Elitism

Why hasn't Spielberg jawboned so loudly for gender parity or diversity, asks RCL film critic.

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It's easy to pick his films apart – but it's what holds them together that matters.

How Fear Got the Best of the Oscars

Has the annual awards show faded to irrelevance?

The 7 Best Horror Movie Romances

Because you're not Mr. Hallmark.

Liam Neeson Demonstrates the Dangers of Revenge

On the big screen -- and in real life.

Why So Much Awards Clamor Over “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

The Freddie Mercury biopic tarnishes rock royalty.

The Top 10 Worst Best Picture Oscar Winners

"Titanic," "Rocky" and "Crash" on RCL movie expert's list.

January Is Actually Not Where Decent Movies Go to Die

This cinematic comeback king and a flurry of winter thrillers offer proof.

Why Writing Top Ten Best Lists Is the Worst

Particularly in 2018, says an RCL movie expert.

New Year’s Resolutions Hollywood Should Make Now

13 ways to make movies even better in 2019 -- including more Salma Hayek.

Why Clint Eastwood Is Still a Knockout at 88

And two more “old boy octogenarians” to celebrate.

Honey, Did We Fail the Kids?

How movies mirror parental anxiety.