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Is This ‘Cassandra’ Right About Climate Change?

Climate scientist Jim Hansen predicts an accelerating disaster.

What Experts Fear About North Korea That the Public Doesn’t Know

Intel from former director at the White House National Security Council.

U.S. Opioid Epidemic Has Roots in War on Terror, Drug Cartels

Americans can't solve health crisis without tackling situations in Afghanistan and Latin America

Abrupt Change to Saudi Arabia Succession Has Major Ripple Effects in Middle East and Beyond

Rise of Mohammed bin Salman means changes in ISIS fight and other critical geopolitical issues.

Philippines Could Push China and U.S. Towards Showdown

Duterte is the wild card in the race for control of the South China Sea.

ISIS Is Near Collapse in Syria and Iraq… So What — and Who — Comes Next?

Middle East remains vulnerable: Former director of White House National Security Council.