Mark Hay

Mark is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who covers stories related to sex and sexuality, among other beats. His work has appeared in Forbes, Vice, Men's Health, Men's Journal and MEL.

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A Field Guide to the Many Forms of Ethical Non-Monogamy

We break down the types and different terms to know

Do the Business Models of Dating Apps Affect Your Dating Life?

Dating apps want to make money off of your love life. Here's how you can factor their profit motives into your own app journey.

The Big, Costly Dream of VR Porn

Understanding the logic behind big-budget, ambitious VR porn projects in an era of overwhelmingly cheap and simple traditional porn

The Reddit Group Helping to Fund Herpes Vaccine Research

When the government fails science, the internet is there to help

The Strange Story of Ior Bock

Out-there sex practices, revisionist world history and madness — this mysterious Swedish-speaking, Finnish eccentric is the most fascinating cult leader you've never heard of

The Case for Internal Condoms

And why you, a man, should use them

A Brief History of Sex Clubs, And Their Clandestine Predecessors

These days, sex clubs are all but mainstream. It hasn't always been that way.

Threesome Jealousy Is Real. Here's How to Deal With It.

The internet is full of half-baked guides to navigating jealousy in threesomes. This isn't one of them.

How a Punk Porn Movement Rewrote the Language of Sex

The fringe porn producers of the 1980s didn't set out to change the way we talk about sex, but their impact remains to this day

How to Deal With Post-Coital Penis Soreness

It happens. Here's how to handle it — or, ideally, prevent it.

What People Get Wrong About Ethical Porn, According to Performers

What we talk about when we talk about "ethical porn," and if we should even be talking about it at all

How to Tell If Your Porn Is Problematic

Performers weigh in on what ethically produced porn really means, and how to know if you're watching it

How You Should Be Watching Porn, According to Performers

A roundtable conversation on everything from tube sites to exploitation to where to find "the farmer's market" of porn

The Porn Industry and No Nut November Are at War

As an internet fad built on misinformation gains steam, the industry it threatens is finally punching back

The Problem With Porn Research

For decades, researchers have tried to prove the "effects" of porn consumption. Why can't they?