Our Man in the Metaverse: A Report From CES 2022 in Las Vegas

I have seen the future ... and it has lots of places to sit

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The Attorney General's reference to the Vietnam War period is central to today


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Understanding the logic behind Trump's economic and foreign policies.

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Unusually harsh prosecutions, tied to political activity, can weaken our republic


James Comey Vs. Louis Freeh: How to Fight a President

Both FBI directors opposed their presidents. Only one did it the right way.


In This Corner: The Hypocrisy Watch

The Dems dare call it "treason."


The ‘Nothing Burger’ Collusion Theory That Killed Millions

More than 100 German subcommittee hearings and a false theory helped sink the Weimar Republic.


The Inside Story of the Week That Saved the World

Churchill's secret War Cabinet debate with Lord Halifax to avoid surrender to the Nazis.