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Kayla Kibbe is an associate editor at InsideHook primarily covering sex, dating and relationships. Her work has appeared at MEL Magazine, Health.com, Brides and more.

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I Have Some Questions About Megan Fox's Jumpsuit Crotch Hole

The star says she and MGK cut a hole in her outfit to have sex. But, uh, why?

No One Can Avoid Mercury Retrograde

Sorry boys, even McDonald's is in on it now

Is Flavored Underwear the Key to Safer Oral Sex?

Lorals hope to provide a sexier, more convenient alternative to the extremely unpopular dental dam

Women in High Heels Are Seen as More Attractive, Says Study

They may no longer be mandatory for a formal or professional look, but heels will never truly go out of style

A Woman Was Charged With Sexual Assault for Poking Holes in Condoms

Poking holes in condoms: is it sexual assault or is it sexual assault?

Nantucket Beaches Are (Probably) Going Topless This Summer

Voters approved a measure that would allow beachgoers of all genders to go topless on Nantucket's beaches

Wonderland, New York’s New Hybrid “Gentlemen’s Club,” Is Reimagining Adult Entertainment

Strip clubs meet a traditional nightlife experience at NYC's newest nightclub

Sex Island, The “Unlimited” Sex Fest for Men, Is Back

And it's just as retrograde and embarrassing as ever

Men, You Have to Wash Your Sheets

A recent survey shows nearly half of men only wash their sheets every four months. That, to put it delicately, is not often enough.

How to Actually Use Condoms Even Though You Really Don’t Want To

Look, we get it, no one wants to use condoms. Sometimes you have to, though. Here's how to make it suck less.

Horny Dolphins Claim Their Latest Victim: An Anaconda

Not even a giant predatory snake is safe from the forces of dolphin horn

Sylvia Plath’s Food Diary Is… the Happiest Place on Twitter?

A Twitter account documenting Sylvia Plath's every mention of food reveals a side of the poet we rarely see

Megan Fox Basically Invented Machine Gun Kelly, According to Megan Fox

Fox said she's been "manifesting" MGK since she was four

Wear Sunscreen, You Morons

Data shows that men are still more likely than women to skip sunscreen, and they're paying the price

Welcome to Kinky’s, A First-of-Its-Kind Erotic Dessert Bar in NYC

The Black-owned Lower East Side business offers kinky confections in a themed-out locale filled with erotic art