Kathryn Streeter

A couple decades ago, Kathryn Streeter started scrawling copy for The Alexandria Times in Alexandria, Virginia and then penned a weekly column for the local weekly rag before her family decamped to London by way of Dubai (it’s a long story). She pivoted to freelance writing, publishing essays about life abroad in various publications from literary journals, family magazines and, perhaps most interestingly, in Dubai’s Weekend Magazine. Threaded through Kathryn's narratives are stories of family travel and crazy adventures, interesting people and exotic places. In between the family moves—which landed her in Atlanta, Austin, Indianapolis and now, Washington, D.C.—her freelance muscles have been forced to develop and adapt, helping to accrue cool clips in publications including The Washington Post, Condé Nast, AAA and Islands. With young adult kids now living their best life across the pond in the UK, she's amply supplied with rich story material from frequent visits to England and Scotland. But the Caribbean beaches have been loudly calling her name, luring her to islands such as Curaçao, Nevis, St. John and St. Lucia. Going into the pandemic, Kathryn beefed up her lifestyle chops, writing beauty, wellness and relationship content regularly for AARP The Girlfriend, with showings in Real Simple, Southern Living, Martha Stewart and Reader’s Digest. She’s fond of the intersection of food and culture and leans into telling unique F&B-related stories which reflect a specific place. Covid also persuaded her to turn to her own backyard of Washington, D.C. for inspiration, and write creative, outside-the-box travel/lifestyle content featuring a town which has a hard time showing its fun, playful side. Connect with Kathryn on Instagram: @kathrynstreeter.

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