Jesse Will

Jesse is a writer based in Austin. His work has appeared in Men's Journal, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Pitchfork, Popular Science and Road & Track.

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Croatia Is the New Italy: Driving the Record-Breaking Rimac Nevera

The $2.1 million EV is the world’s quickest production car, but it’s just the start for the emergent automaker backed by Porsche, Hyundai and Kia

The Twilight of the Hellcat 

It's the end of one very, very powerful chapter. But our writer takes one last spin in a 2022 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody.

Is the Dream of the Ski Bum Slowly Dying Off?

A new book investigates the perilous future of a life spent chasing snow

An Offroad Motorcycle That’s Texas Tough … and Eerily Quiet

With the Grunt, Volcon introduces an easy-to-drive, two-wheeled Tesla for the trail

Forget Airbnb: Explore Ranches Lets You Rent the Whole Ranch

Add home rentals to the list of things that are bigger in Texas