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Behind Bangladesh: The Day That George Harrison Became the Most Endearing Ex-Beatle

50 years ago, Harrison and Ravi Shankar’s “Concert for Bangladesh” created the blueprint for the benefit concert

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Before Joey Chestnut, “Fat Men’s Clubs” Dominated the World of Competitive Eating

Looking back at an era when Americans worshiped a different breed of gurgitator


Ghostly Fathers and Fatherly Brothers in Chloé Zhao’s American Heartland

There’s a reason the “Nomadland” director’s work is universally resonant

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What Would Sigmund Freud Make of 21st-Century Fatherhood?

Ever wonder what the father of modern psychology would think of the modern world? We asked a leading scholar.


Bob Dylan Belongs in the Diss Track Hall of Fame

Of the mercurial artist’s many cognomens, “diss jockey” isn’t used enough


Acupuncture, Tupac’s Stepdad and the Untold Story of NYC’s Heroin Epidemic

“Dope is Death” revisits America’s first acupuncture detox program and the political persecution of its leaders

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Dismantling the Myths We Use to Explain Mass Shootings

A new book traces the history of the American mass shooter and the troubling ways we make sense of senseless violence

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Nobody Could Burn a Bridge Like Ernest Hemingway

No writer made friends — or enemies — as easily as Papa


How Park City Survived a Year Without Sundance

What happens to a resort town when its biggest draw stays home?

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The Design Firm That Helps Divorced Dads Transition Back Into Single Life

Moving out is often the hardest part of the entire process. Why not outsource it?


How the Army Ranger From “Black Hawk Down” Is Helping Other Veterans Tell Their War Stories

He may be retired, but Matt Eversmann's commitment to the troops lives on in his writing


The 15 Best Films We Saw at Sundance

A virtual festival made for a new experience, but the entries remained world-class