Cari Shane

Cari Shane is a freelance journalist — and also a skier, swimmer, dog obsessed and a member of the gig economy playing Airbnb Superhost to people from all over the world. (She's also a dog sitter in the Rockies, which helps fund her need to ski.) A Manhattan native, she lives in DC and writes for a wide variety of publications including The Washington Post Magazine, AARP magazine, Slate, Cosmopolitan, Discover, Fortune, Business Insider, Scientific American, US News & World Report, American Way and more.

Cari writes about things that interest her, like fences in Africa that protect farms from elephants for Scientific American, pawpaw fruit in the Mid-Atlantic for National Geographic Traveler, female policing for Slate and the skoolie revolution for Business Insider, Bicycling magazine and Car and Driver. Cari is a member of ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors). Her eclectic portfolio of published articles is at

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