Sports | May 31, 2017 9:00 am

World’s Longest Slackline Record? We’ll Just Watch, Thanks.

It's a one-way road to NOPE

There’s a new world’s longest slackline walk for all of us to watch, and we’ve got a Swiss man named Samuel Volrey to thank. 

The highwire act went down during the International Outdoor Sports Festival in Turkey. And while it took a team three days to stretch a 3,970-foot slack line nearly 800 feet over Levent Valley, it took Volery  74 minutes to set the new record-breaking mark.

It’s tough to watch, but Volery made his way across the Grand Canyon-esque valley with just a few minor shakey moments. But despite successfully living out an acrophobic’s nightmare, Volery sounds unsatisfied.

“We reached our goal in a way. I would have walked on a longer slackline if the weather conditions had been better,” he told The Daily Sabah. “That is the difficult side of this sport, because we can never find the perfect weather.”

Right. It totally is the weather that makes the sport difficult. What else could it possibly be? Take a gander at the video above and see for yourself.