Home Goods | September 21, 2016 9:00 am

Seven Handsome Goods That’ll Make Your Living Room Worth Living In

Rugs, "stash boxes" and neon signs done the gentlemanly way

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, yeah? Out with the old, in with the new? Well we’re big proponents of doing that year-round, especially when it comes to upgrading the ol’ humble abode.

But there’s no need to go full Extreme Home Makeover. Seriously, put the sledgehammer down. Instead, start with some small changes — Like these seven carefully chosen, well-crafted goods that’ll make your living room a space you’ll actually want to, y’know, live in.

Silkscreened Cork Coasters | $16, Fredericks & Mae

Do you respect wood? These classic yet edgy cork coasters will keep your ‘tops ring-free and give a light dose of the Gentlemanly Archer vibe that’s so hot these days.*

Brass Stash Boxes | $28, Best Made

We’re not assuming you have any paraphernalia deserving of a classier hideaway than a shoebox. But if you did hypothetically have anything like that, these little brass boxes are a hell of an upgrade on said shoebox.

Stay Gold Wall-Mounted Sign | $99, Neon MFG

Because nightclubs suck, but sometimes they have cool decor. Get the vibe of your favorite date spot with the added perks of choosing your own soundtrack and drinks that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Hub Side Table | $148, Zaozuo

It’s a cord taco, but it’s a table. There’s a power strip hiding inside, so you only need one cord running to the wall instead of ten.

Black Lines Kelim Rug | $159, ferm LIVING

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your room needs a rug. Save your cold toes, dampen the noise of your steps and add a personal splash to a space (especially if everything else is understated).

Desk 02 |  From $1,000, Artifox

We’re a little obsessed with this desk, which manages to pack like a dozen special features into a super-minimal, sophisticated silhouette. Assembles in minutes, pegs for the ‘phones, built-in dock for all the pluggables. Think we’ll be taking a work-from-home day for some QT with this guy.

Oak Blackbird Sideboard Table | $2,900, Ethnicraft

This heirloom-worthy beaut has everything you need in a sideboard and nothing you don’t. Closed storage for the unsightly stuff, open shelves for your books or art. All with a sturdy, masculine look. 

*We made that Gentlemanly Archer thing up. But you should totally champion it, it’s a strong (hypothetical) look.