Home Goods | January 22, 2018 9:00 am

QLine Designs Makes Furniture James Bond Would Love

The secret bookcase — and table, and desk — of your dreams

If somebody rifled through your drawers, they’d probably find something incriminating.

Or expensive. Or both.

Unless those drawers came from QLine Designs, a line of custom-built wooden furniture that hides all your secrets, 007-style. (Or Kingsman-style, if you were.)

These tables and desks will keep everything in arm’s reach — but safe from prying eyes.

Based in New Hampshire, QLine exclusively produces what they call custom concealment furniture. These are well-built wooden bookcases, desks, nightstands and end tables that contain hidden shelves and compartments, which you (and only you) can access through secret latches or an RFID card.

This spy-like design has a precedent. As the company notes, “In the 18th century, high end furniture often contained secret compartments with the concept of: if they can’t find it, they can’t steal it.”

A recent example: The Executive Desk, built from solid walnut with a leather inlay writing surface and a 24K gold emboss. It’s admittedly not our style, but since the company allows you to pick your choice of wood, color and even dimensions, make it what you want.

But the design really opens up when you use it. Literally. Witness the deep file drawer that features a separate invisible side drawer that only unlocks with your RFID card. Or a cleverly hidden back compartment in the pencil drawer. (All the locked drawers can be opened in seconds if you know what you’re doing.)

Another favorite: A built-in bookcase that opens up a secret room.

QLine suggests these pieces are great ways to store your valuables, documents and, yes, firearms (if you swing that way) in plain sight. Plus, you’re getting made-to-order furniture that’s built entirely in the USA.

Lead time is 3-8 weeks, and everything ships worldwide.