Home Goods | September 13, 2016 9:00 am

Pretty Much the Sexiest Wood-Burning Stove of All Time

Legendary designer Philippe Starck takes on home heating

Despite all the poesy and nostalgia for fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, a man cannot be blamed for feeling a tad bit of eco-guilt upon firing one up.

Those billows of smoke mean air pollution, not to mention the smell of smoke, and the list of health concerns goes on far beyond that.

Good thing Philippe Starck is on the case.

On behalf of French company Speeta, the legendary designer has created an eco- and tech-friendly wood-burning stove that’s easier on both the eyes and the environment than your traditional clunky heater.

First thing you’ll notice is its modular design. In addition to a main hearth cube, users can add extra units depending on their needs, which might seem superfluous until you get to, say, the box of rocks, which is meant to store warmth during the heating phase and gradually omit heat long after the fire is gone.

The hearth also comes with an accompanying app that gives users control over the whole system via smartphone. It can control the hot air distribution and room temp, as well as set the power and speed of combustion for a most efficient fire.

The only thing you’ll feel guilty about burning for this one? A hole in your wallet.