Home Goods | December 8, 2016 9:00 am

This DJ Stand Is So Cool You’ll Want Be A DJ

Side effects may include delusions of Grandmaster Flash

Aside from supplying copious libations and delicious small bites, being a good host rests on the ambience of a space, a task which can be helped with music.

Now, this can’t be overstated: no music equals bad ambience and inappropriate or dull music isn’t much better. You could rely on a playlist (we have a selection to choose from), but that’s arguably less fun.

Allow us to suggest a different path: vinyl.

Given that album sales just outpaced downloads for the first time, there’s a solid shot that many of you already know this, but audiophiles will generally agree that music made on wax sounds better. Not to mention, a lot of what you’ll find digging through crates can’t be found in a digital format. That makes collecting vinyl an edifying pursuit that’ll help you become more well rounded. Plus it’s just objectively cool.

Enter the Hoerboard, an innovative DJ table setup that packs everything you need to get legit in a small package. Their Com.Four is a mid-century modern component that houses two turntables, a mixing board and has space for 350 records. It’s the sort of furniture that makes one want to entertain.

They’re made in England and come in two tones (black or white). You can add a stand for speakers and a laptop. We’d probably run ours through some vintage speakers to capitalize on that full, analogue sound.

Granted, it won’t be ready until after the holidays, but that only gives you time until next year to hone your skills (#goals).

Some say that happiness is rooted more in feelings of accomplishment over the attainment of stuff, but this object manages to appeal to both sides of that debate.