Home Goods | January 9, 2018 9:00 am

These Headphones Have a Massage Chair Attached to Them

You can really feel the bass.

After using its charm to soothe savage beasts for more than three centuries (h/t to William Congreve), music is now going to be used to ease the aches and pains of the rest of us.

At least that’ll be the case if the Aurasens Lounger, a new audiophile-friendly recliner that integrates rhythmic massage with an immersive listening experience, actually makes its way into showrooms later this year.

Produced in France, the luxe lounger uses 32 vibro-haptic points to massage its reclining owner from head to toe in time with the tunes that are playing through its noise-canceling headphones.

The tablet-controlled, the origami-inspired chair offers “an immersive symphony that caresses the skin, suffuses the senses and suspends the user in a transcendent moment in time,” according to Aurasens.

Unfortunately, the Lounger has a limited library of available tunes at this time, but Aurasens is working to add new pieces of compatible music each month.

Ideally suited for events, clubs, airlines, hotels, workplaces and “indulgence-seeking individuals,” the limited-edition Lounger is set to go on sale next month for $24,000.

To see if the company’s looking for testers ahead of the February launch, drop ‘em a linh here.