Home & Design | August 9, 2017 9:00 am

The Private Island Frank Lloyd Wright Built Is Up for Sale

It's just 10 minutes from Manhattan — by helicopter.

You know you’re dealing with a very particular strata of the real estate market when the travel time to your new house is measured in helicopter-flight minutes.

And so it goes with Petre Island, a so-insane-it’s-hard-to-believe island currently up for sale. Location: Petre Island. Where’s that? In the middle of Lake Mahopac. (Let us Google that for you: It’s midway between Danbury, CT, and Newburgh, NY.) Or, as they say, a 15-minute heli ride from Midtown Manhattan. 

petre island (10 images)

So what’ll you get for your $14 million? Quite a lot, in fact. Ten acres of mostly wooded island, to start with. Then we move on to two Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings: a three-bed, one-bath guest cottage built in 1950, and a main residence built to his specs in 2007. Remember the part about the helicopter? You’ll actually need one — or a boat — since there’s no access by car to the island. 

You’ll want to keep an eye on the property taxes, at nearly $30K a month. But if you’re spending $14 million on a couple houses, you can probably swing it.