Home & Design | October 31, 2017 9:00 am

The Living Vehicle Offers a Footprint-Free Month in the Wild

Solar panels, wifi and a queen bed for chasing the sun

Matthew Hofmann, a guy who quit a well-paying job a decade ago because it was sucking his soul, no longer designs things to inspire his customers, he designs things to inspire himself.

Luckily though, the Santa Barbara-based architect will still sell said things to those customers.

The newest and best example of one is the Living Vehicle, a shipping container-sized mobile home that’s decked out in a shiny aluminum coat and is made for off-road and off-grid living.

Offered via Hofmann Architecture, the 215-square-foot trailer has a quartet each of 150-watt solar panels and 12-volt lithium ion batteries, a 100-gallon freshwater tank and a 3,000-watt power inverter, features that can support a pair of people living off-grid for up to a month.

Built to “satisfy stringent guidelines for both environmental and social sustainability,” the Living Vehicle has sturdy enough insulation to survive the winter months and a roof-mounted wifi antenna to keep its occupants connected to the world at large year round.

Living Vehicle (6 images)

Already equipped with a full kitchen, dining area and convertible sleep spaces that can hold up to six people in a pinch, the Living Vehicle can be tricked out further with optional add-ons like a side deck, rear accent wall and customized flooring, cabinetry and cushions. Those options all cost extra, but the standard Living Vehicle is available for $129,995.

“We believe that the key to a sustainable life is choosing the values that matter most and living accordingly,” HA says. “Driven by honesty, passion and ingenuity, Living Vehicle is the culmination of Matthew Hofmann’s decade of experience designing and living in mobile spaces.”

To place an order for one of the builds, get ready to put down a $5,000 deposit and head here.