Home & Design | October 10, 2014 9:00 am

Tree Hugger

We found a treehouse builder for you

By The Editors

This, pictured above, is The Cinder Cone.

It’s a treehouse.

A multi-unit, catwalk-connected, private tree mansion located near the Columbia River Gorge.

It’s the latest venture from our favorite vagabond, Mr. Foster Huntington (Home Is Where You Park It).

It’s spectacular. It’s also not available to the public.

But you can see how Huntington built it (awesome). You can see photos of the finished product (recommended).

And you can hire the team who built it so you can have your own.

Lay the Foundation

First comes the floor. Foster and company brought in treehouse guru Michael Garnier. Garnier runs a sprawling “treesort” in Oregon. You could say treehouses are his life. Accurately. Dude actually owns treehouses.com. And yes, he’ll come to you.

Apply the Finish

Tucker Gorman built the structures and catwalks. He runs an outfit with partner Greg Reeb called Perspective Design/Build out of Oakland. They do everything from custom furniture to finish carpentry. They choose projects based on interest. Current interests: sick treehouses and loftworks for teensy S.F. apartments.

Make the Upgrade

The Cinder Cone team took things to eleven by adding a fully custom concrete skate bowl care of Gallagher Concrete Construction. If busted brainpans aren’t your cup of Earl Grey, you could always build, you know, a pool.

Get to dreaming.