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The Listings: Dream Houses

Here's where to move after you sell the app/screenplay/etc.

By The Editors

You gotta dream big. 

And it doesn’t hurt to know where you want to end up — after the big score. After you’ve cashed out, sold out, landed the client of a lifetime.

The reward comes with a street address, and floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the Golden Gate. 

Here’s where to start — with the five best, most ultra-extravagant properties on the market in S.F. today. 

Address: 34 Maple Street, Presidio Heights
Square footage: 11,700
Number of bedrooms: 9
Chief amenities: Literally everything, including a 650-square-foot deck, four fireplaces, four-car garage, etc. etc. etc.
Notable detail: You’re gonna want to redo the wallpaper
Price: $25M

Address: 2820 Scott Street, Cow Hollow
Square footage: 16,000
Number of bedrooms: 8
Chief amenities: Spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge across to Alcatraz and Angel Island. Also, eight marble fireplaces.
Notable detail:  You can take an elevator to the roof deck.
Price: $29.5M

Address: 47 Chenery Street, Glen Park
Square footage: 9,966, but on a half-acre lot
Number of bedrooms: 10
Chief amenities: A half-acre in San Francisco — the realtor calls it one of the biggest in the city. Also, it looks like a palace. 
Notable detail: In addition to the main residence, there’s a separatethree-unit building, cottage, and parking for up to 15 cars.” Maybe you get someone to bulldoze this and put a park on top.  
Price: $11M

Address: 1032 Broadway, Russian Hill
Square footage: 3,890
Number of bedrooms: 4
Chief amenities: Location. You’re at the top of Russian Hill, which is, in a word, dreamy.
Notable detail: Take a minute for a look at the deck off the bathroom. 
Price: $12M

Address: 320 Sea Cliff Avenue, Sea Cliff
Square footage: 5,200
Number of bedrooms: 4
Chief amenities: Many of these houses, plop ’em down in the middle of nowhere and they’d look like grotesqueries. This house, in its period-relevant 1926 Spanish Colonial Revival, is seriously good looking.
Notable details: Stellar views and a killer curved stairway
Price: $14M