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This Private Island Compound Has Six Houses, a 100-Person Dining Room

Ready to go full Jay Gatsby?

Are you rich?

Like gold-bars-falling-out-of-your-pockets, hedge-fund-guy rich? If you’re nodding your head — like, yeah, yeah, obviously — we’ve got the place for you, and it’s ready to make all your dreams of heady, irresponsible, unhappy wealth come true. 

Welcome to Dosoris Island, a “$125 million island compound” not in the Hamptons but on the North Shore of Long Island. Think oil-baron money, not film-director money. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s East Egg was a lightly fictionalized version of Sands Point, on the North Shore, and he and wife Zelda lived in nearby Great Neck for 18 months in the early 1920s. This is the land of old money and Jazz Age parties — and one-time grand estates repurposed as hotels or torn down.

Not this one, though. 

dosoris (10 images)

As for what’s on offer: Dosoris Island, up for sale for only the third time in its developed existence. There are six houses — yes, houses — on 46 acres of land; Jackie Kennedy rented one after her husband was assassinated. There are 11 bedrooms, and the dining room has space for 100. The landscape design, meanwhile, comes courtesy of Frederick Law Olmsted, who you might remember from Manhattan’s Central Park and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. 

Better get started on that app.